What We Do 

  • Alert the public about construction-related traffic impacts.
  • Ensure traffic impacts of proposed developments meet our transportation standards and guidelines.
  • Implement the Traffic Calming Program.
  • Investigate and develop plans to address safety concerns and collision reduction.
  • Maintain the Citywide traffic data program.
  • Manage the Commute Trip Reduction Program for Bothell employers.
  • Monitor/modify traffic signal operations to address congestion and or improve traffic safety.
  • Prepare and adopt the City's six-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) each year.
  • Provide a safe and efficient transportation system.
  • Provide targeted police enforcement program on residential streets.
  • Review traffic studies, signal and channelization plans, and other traffic and pedestrian related issues affected by development projects.
  • Work with community groups and the City's Technical Traffic Committee to address speeding, accidents, and excessive cut-through traffic volumes on residential streets.

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