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Salmon Watcher changes for 2018

Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers that continue to send us your salmon data. We don't currently have a way to enter your sightings into the database, as King County no longer has staff or funding to support the system, and it is too expensive to extract the database from the County to manage for Bothell and Bellevue. Bellevue is looking into alternatives methods for tracking the data, but it will likely not be a web-based solution. 

If you'd like to continue sending us your tracking sheets, we will hold on to them until we know for sure what the future looks like for the Salmon Watchers program.

Read more about the Salmon Watchers Program on King County's website.

History of the Salmon Watchers Program

The Salmon Watchers Program was designed to help residents learn about our local salmon, their habitat, and what we can do to help them. Participating residents attended a training session, signed up to watch a stream near their home or work, and shared their findings with us. The information they gave us played a big part in making local decisions, finding fish barriers, and detecting spills.

Local salmon experts Orlay Johnson and Jim Myers explain the challenges and triumphs of salmon in North Creek.

Video credit: Laura Howard, Miami University, 2016