How do I claim found property?
If you desire to claim personal property or monies you have found, you are required to do the following as provided for in RCW 63.21.010:

Within 7 days of the finding:
- Acquire a signed statement setting forth an appraisal of the current market value of the property, prepared by a qualified person engaged in buying or selling like items or by a district court judge, unless the found property is cash
- Bring the found property and a copy of the signed appraisal to the Bothell Police Department
- Serve written notice to the Bothell Police Department of your intent to claim the property in the event the real owner does not claim the property.

You may obtain possession of the found property when all the following criteria are met:
- The property is not illegal for you to possess
- 60 days have elapsed since you reported the finding to the Bothell Police Department (the property must be claimed between 60 and 90 days of the finding)
- You provide proof that all items listed above have been satisfied
- If the property is valued at more than $25, cash payment is made to the City of Bothell in the amount of $5 or 10% of the appraised value of the property, whichever is greater. This payment shall be deposited into the City of Bothell's General Fund.

For additional information, or questions related to found property, call the Property/Evidence officer of the Bothell Police Department at 425-487-5130.

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