What is the explanatory statement for the voters' pamphlet?
The City of Bothell proposes a 9-year levy to fund road preservation, crosswalks, and sidewalk repair and construction. The levy will fund pedestrian and traffic safety citywide, with priority investment of sidewalk funds near schools. Investments will include resurfacing of arterial streets, pothole and roadway repair, connecting existing sidewalks, crosswalk safety improvements, and improved roadway markings. This levy would prevent the need to reduce personnel citywide to fund street operations.

This levy will allow the City to invest in road preservation, reducing the cost of the road system substantially in the future. The levy will be used solely to maintain and extend the life of Bothell’s street system and improve overall safety for pedestrians. The levy would replace previously dedicated funding lost to voter-approved statewide tax limits. The City will provide annual reports to demonstrate what this levy paid for, allowing in 9 years for the public to decide if the outcome of this levy meets their expectations.

If approved by voters, this levy would result in additional property taxes of $188 per year ($16 per month) for a $376,000 median home. This levy increase is $0.50 per $1,000 of assessed value and will raise $4 million annually.

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7. What is the explanatory statement for the voters' pamphlet?
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