Are car washing fundraisers allowed in Bothell?

It depends on what kind of car wash you’re talking about. Allowing soapy car wash water to enter any storm drains in the city is a violation of Bothell Municipal Code 18.04.260, even if you use biodegradable soap. This is true for both public stormwater systems as well as private stormwater systems. Car wash runoff contains many harmful pollutants that lead to poor water quality when they get into our storm drains and streams. Read more about the pollutants

But there are some alternatives to traditional car washing you can try:

  • Sell commercial car wash tickets.  Commercial car wash facilities will sell you discounted car wash tickets for $2-3 that you can turn around and sell for $8-10. Visit the Western Carwash Association or Brown Bear to learn more. 
  • Rent a car wash stall. Some facilities allow you to rent a stall for the day.
  • Divert wash water. Divert the wash water to a large grass or gravel surface that will allow the wash water to completely infiltrate into the soil.
  • Use waterless car washing products. Waterless products with microfiber towels remove dirt without scratching the paint and provide a nice wax coat.

You can also check out a list of other eco-friendly fundraising options that don’t necessarily involve car washing.

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