Can I bring a lawnmower?
Yes. A lawnmower is considered "scrap metal" so you will be able to recycle it at this event. Just be sure to drain all fluids and remove any batteries before you bring it.

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1. Is this also a shredding event?
2. Can I bring a lawnmower?
3. Can I bring furniture to this event?
4. Can I bring railroad ties?
5. Can I request more than one voucher?
6. Do I have to tell you everything I am bringing to the event?
7. Do I need to present my I.D.?
8. How do I request a voucher?
9. How many vouchers are available?
10. How much money is available with this voucher?
11. How will I be charged for overages?
12. I didn't receive my flyer and I live in city limits. What do I do?
13. Is the event for city of Bothell residents only?
14. What do I do with paint (oil based), gasoline, cleaners, pesticides, oil, antifreeze, etc?
15. What happens if I give my voucher to a non resident or neighbor?
16. What happens if I just show up at the event with my flyer, but no voucher?
17. What if I am unable to attend this event? Will it be offered again?
18. What if I fill out the voucher request form and fine more items to bring after I mail it?
19. What if you mailed me a voucher and I lost it?
20. What kinds of items are considered "scrap metal"?
21. Where is the event located?
22. Why do you need to know when I am coming to the event?
23. Why is the event only for city of Bothell residents?
24. Will the voucher cover the cost of garbage?