Is this also a shredding event?

No. More details about the upcoming shred event are available on the Community Shredding Event page. Additional options are available at your local office supply/copy center or your credit union/bank for shredding resources, purchase a personal shredder, or check the Washington State Attorney General's website for information about shredding events in Washington.

shredding events in Washington.

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1. Is this also a shredding event?
2. Can I bring a lawnmower?
3. Can I bring furniture to this event?
4. Can I bring railroad ties?
5. Can I request more than one voucher?
6. Do I have to tell you everything I am bringing to the event?
7. Do I need to present my I.D.?
8. How do I request a voucher?
9. How many vouchers are available?
10. How much money is available with this voucher?
11. How will I be charged for overages?
12. I didn't receive my flyer and I live in city limits. What do I do?
13. Is the event for city of Bothell residents only?
14. What do I do with paint (oil based), gasoline, cleaners, pesticides, oil, antifreeze, etc?
15. What happens if I give my voucher to a non resident or neighbor?
16. What happens if I just show up at the event with my flyer, but no voucher?
17. What if I am unable to attend this event? Will it be offered again?
18. What if I fill out the voucher request form and fine more items to bring after I mail it?
19. What if you mailed me a voucher and I lost it?
20. What kinds of items are considered "scrap metal"?
21. Where is the event located?
22. Why do you need to know when I am coming to the event?
23. Why is the event only for city of Bothell residents?
24. Will the voucher cover the cost of garbage?