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Fire Department

  1. Fire Department Ride Alongs
  2. Public Education Requests
  3. Smoke Alarm Program Appointment Request

    Bothell Fire personnel will assess your home for current smoke alarms and their status, then will replace or install any you may need.... More…

  1. Fire Engine Visits

    The Bothell Fire Department offers engine visits where the fire engine will visit your school or birthday party. If interested, please... More…

  2. Request a Home Safety Visit

    Are you looking for suggestions on ways to reduce falls and improve fire safety in your home? The Bothell Fire Department offers... More…

  3. Station Tours

    The Bothell Fire Department offers station tours. If interested, please provide at least 20 days notice.

Parks and Recreation Forms

  1. 2023 Art Night Vendor Application
  2. Bench Donation Program Interest Form
  3. Formal Use Field Request

    For organizations scheduling ongoing use throughout a season, or groups scheduling ten (10) or more dates.

  4. Lytle House Rental Application
  5. Tournament Request

    For groups wishing to schedule a tournament at the North Creek Sportsfields.

  6. Volunteer Sign-in Form - Reoccurring Projects

    This form is for approved City of Bothell volunteers to track their hours.

  1. 2023 Fourth of July Parade Application
  2. Concessions Request

    For groups wishing to sell concessions (food, merchandise, etc.) at a tournament or event.

  3. Informal Use Field Request

    Informal Field Use is any scheduled use for nine (9) or less specific dates.

  4. North Creek Schoolhouse Rental Application
  5. Volunteer Sign-in Form - Events/One-time Projects

    This form is for City of Bothell volunteers to track their hours and agree to volunteer agreement language.

  6. Volunteer with the City of Bothell

    Get involved in your community by donating your time and service! The City of Bothell has a number of volunteer opportunities... More…

Police Department

  1. Dog Walker Watch Information Night

    Learn more about the Dog Walker Watch program - sign up to attend!

  2. Invite us to your National Night Out event or block party!

    Would you like a Bothell Police officer to come say hello at your National Night Out event or block party? We'd love an invitation! ... More…

  3. Police Services Feedback
  4. Report a Parking or Traffic Enforcement Issue

    Use this form to report parking, speeding, or other traffic enforcement issues.

  1. Interest in Safe Place Program

    contact Bothell Police if you're interested in learning more about the Safe Place Program.

  2. Invite us to your neighborhood or group meeting

    Would you like someone with Bothell Police to attend your meeting and answer questions about public safety or a particular topic?

  3. Questions about Free Pet License and Microchip Events on June 1, 2023

    If you have a question about the free pet license day and free microchipping event on June 1, 2023 - Please ask! We will get back to... More…

  4. Submit a Crime Tip

    Do you have a tip or a lead that would help the Police Department prevent a crime or solve a crime that has already happened? We would... More…

Public Outreach

  1. Creative Professional Contact Form

    Solicit to build a list of creative service providers that City Staff can contract with on a project by project basis.

  2. Invite us to your neighborhood or group meeting

    Would you like a presentation by a city official or staff member about a specific topic? Are you hosting a neighborhood block watch... More…

  1. ENews survey

    What do you think of the City's eNews?

  2. Tour/Visit Request

    Request a tour of a City building or a presentation by City officials.

Public Works

  1. 2023 Sustainamania Registration Form (Food Truck/Vendor)

    Complete this form to request a booth or space for the Sustainamania event. If you're a vendor that will be selling items, your booth... More…

  2. CIP - Construction Form

    Complete this form to request a new page be added to the Capital Improvement Project section of the City website for a construction... More…

  3. Fleet Request

    Use this form to request maintenance of repair service on a City of Bothell vehicle.

  4. Recycle Event Voucher Request

    Vouchers are for people living within Bothell city limits only. Check to see if you're within city limits at

  5. Title VI Discrimination Complaint Form

    Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 states "No person in the United States shall, on the grounds of race, color, or national... More…

  6. Título VI Participación Pública

    El Título VI de la Ley de Derechos Civiles de 1964 requiere que el Departamento de Transporte del Estado de Washington se asegure de... More…

  7. Wastemobile Checklist Request

    This a form to request a Wastemobile checklist be sent to you. The checklist makes it easier to identify items you can take to the... More…

  1. 2023 Sustainamania Registration Form (Non-Food Booth)

    Complete this form to request a booth for Sustainamania. If you're a vendor that will be selling items, your booth fee is $30. ... More…

  2. CTR Registration

    This form is for City of Bothell employees only. It must be completed annually to participate in the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR)... More…

  3. Garbage Service Questions/Missed Pickup
  4. Request for Tap & Connection Charges

    To find out whether tap & connection charges exist for a parcel or address within Bothell's city limits, fill out this form. Check to... More…

  5. Title VI Public Involvement Form

    Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires recipients of federal financial assistance to guarantee its programs and activities... More…

  6. Waste Wise Property Application

    Individuals completing this form are property managers or property owners who are interested in having their property participate in... More…

  7. 第六款公众参与 (Title VI Public Involvement Form - Chinese)

    《1964年民权法案》第六款要求“Washington州交通部”确保受到项目影响区域的每一个人都有机会针对可能影响其社 区的交通项目和活动发表意见并做出回应。 鉴于此,我们要求您自愿提供您的种族、民族和(或)性别等相关信息。您无需披露所需信息即可参加本次会议。

Surface Water Management

  1. Pet Waste Sign Request

    Is pet waste a problem in your area? If you live in Bothell's city limits, you can request a free 12" x 24" metal-staked sign to help... More…

  2. Spill Kit Request Form

    Fill out this form to request a free spill kit if your business is within Bothell's city limits. Always be prepared for a spill by... More…

  1. Report a Drainage Issue

    Use this form to report a drainage issue on private or public property in Bothell's city limits. City staff will receive and review... More…


  1. Art Exhibition Interest

    Interested in knowing more about upcoming art exhibitions? Artist receptions? Or Call to Artists? Please complete the following.

Traffic Signals and Transportation Issues

  1. Report a Traffic Signal or General Transportation Issue

    Use this form to report problems with traffic signal timing and other general concerns about transportation.

Website Feedback

  1. Website Feedback Form

    Have you found an error on the website? Do you have a suggestion? Submit your comments.