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Fire Department Ride Alongs

  1. All ride along requests must be received at least 20 days in advance, and no more than three months in advance. There is a 7-10 day processing time before approved. 

    To be considered for a ride along, all applicants must submit a letter of interest. In a 1-2 paragraph, business letter format, please tell us about yourself and the reason for your request (e.g. attending fire or medical related classes, WANIC student, etc.) 

    Firefighter candidates who have a scheduled interview with Bothell Fire will not be permitted to ride until after the interview process is completed.

    All riders are required to comply with our Rules of Conduct, as well as sign the Waiver of Liability and Confidentiality forms. All forms must be received by front office admin staff or any crew member on day of ride.

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  4. If no, do you have parent permission? (under 16, not permitted)
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