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2023 Fourth of July Parade Application

  1. 2023 Fourth of July Parade Application

    Grand Parade Only

  2. City of Bothell's 4th of July Parade includes a Grand Parade and Children's Parade. This 100-year old community tradition will take place in downtown Bothell. This application is solely for the Grand Parade - those wanting to participate in the Children's Parade do not need to fill out this application. It is free to participate. 

    Note: All updates regarding this parade will be listed on the main event page found through Bothell Parks & Recreation.

    Parade route and map will be provided to entrants and general public by June 2023.

    • Deadline to Apply: June 12, 2023
    • Grand Parade Start Time: Noon
    • Notice of application approval will be sent to the primary point of contact listed in the entry.
  3. Applicant Information

  4. Please include street address, city, state, and zip code.

  5. Parade Entry Type

    Please select one of the categories that best fits your entry.

  6. Vehicle Entry
  7. All drivers must have valid license and be at least 18 years of age.

    Car clubs are limited to 20 cars.

    Vehicles with hitched trailers are limited to 50-feet in length. Multiple axel vehicles with trailers are prohibited.

    Parade participants may not jump onto or off any moving vehicle during the route.

    Vehicles with walkers are allowed to pass out candy. However, candy cannot be thrown from vehicles.

  8. Walking Entry
  9. All youth groups must have adult supervisors/guardians present. 

    Candy may be handed out to spectators by walkers. For the safety of all participants, please do not throw candy.

    All walking routines/groups must maintain a forward moving motion, no stopping to perform while in route.

  10. Rules / Regulations
    • Applicants are all subject to approval by Parade Organizers.
    • The parade organizers reserve the right to reject any entry at any time.
    • Parade participants must be family-friendly.
    • All vehicles used in the parade must be properly registered and drivers must have their drivers license available at the event.
    • Staging instructions will be mailed approximately two weeks prior to the parade.
    • The rules and guidelines are for the safety and quality of the parade. Failure to abide by these rules and guidelines and those presented with the parade information package, may result in the entry's removal from the parade.
    • Any animal unit entry must provide a thorough procedure for animal care regarding but not limited to inclement weather, noise, crowded spaces, etc. 
    • Any animal unit entry must have a handler per animal.
    • All participants must understand this is a community parade for families and children. 

    I understand that my submission does not guarantee acceptance to this parade and that the decisions of the event coordinator are final.

  11. Hold Harmless & Photo/Video Release

    In consideration of the acceptance of this application, the applicant agrees to save and hold harmless officers, employees, volunteers and agents of the City of Bothell from any loss or damage to persons or property caused by operation of applicant's unit in connection with parade activities, and further agrees to defend said personnel from any claims for such damage. PHOTO/VIDEO RELEASE: I grant full permission to use any photographs, videos, recordings or any other record of this program for promotion of the Bothell Parks & Recreation Department.

  12. I have read and agreed to the terms above.*
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