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Main Street Revitalization Business Outreach Materials

  1. Request Main Street Business Outreach Materials
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  3. What this form is for
    Main Street businesses should use this form to request free outreach materials (posters, punch cards, coupon cards, etc.) from the City during Main Street Enhancement construction.
  4. Requested materials
    Let us know what materials you'd like and how many. If you click "yes," you'll be prompted to enter a quantity and custom message (if applicable).
  5. Window poster
  6. Coupon card
  7. Punch card
  8. Business offer (cougar paw)
  9. Business offer (viking)
  10. If we have questions, we may need to contact you before we can process your request. What's the best way to reach you?*
  11. Thanks for your request! We'll get materials to you as quickly as we can.
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