Bothell Buzz Video - North Creek Forest & Wayne Golf Course

  1. Bothell Buzz - North Creek Forest & Wayne Golf Course

Bothell Municipal Code

  1. Bothell Municipal Code

Bothell Public Records Portal

  1. Bothell Public Records Portal

Citizen Action Request

  1. Submit a concern or a service request


  1. Diversity

Emergency Preparedness Alerts

  1. ALERT King County (regional)


  1. Rental Facilities

Fireworks Measure

  1. Video Voters' Guide

Geographic Information Services

  1. Maps & GIS

Get Help

  1. Resource Directory

Hearing Examiner Rules of Procedure

  1. Hearing Examiner Rules of Procedure

HR Test links

  1. Apply for a job

Human Services

  1. Human Services Directory

Local Traffic

  1. Bothell Traffic Alerts

MUGA Neighborhood Designations

  1. Potential Annexation Area Map (PDF)

Non-Discrimination Policy

  1. Title VI Non-Discrimination Policy

Projects - Design, Construction

  1. Design and Construction Projects

Projects in Unincorporated Bothell

  1. Snohomish County projects

Recycling - Water Conservation

  1. Saving Water Partnership

Report a crime online-CopLogic

  1. Submit a non-emergency report online

Title VI

  1. Title VI

Traffic Infraction Procedures

  1. Get Your Court Date at Washington Courts

Website feedback

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