Public Works


City Hall
18415 101st Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011

City Hall
18415 101st Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Abubakkar, Radhika Administrative Assistant 425-806-6802  
Adamek, Scott Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6824  
Bateman, Nancy Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6827  
Bauer, Bill Senior Construction Inspector 425-471-4684  
Behrens, Chris Senior Capital Projects Construction Inspector 425-806-6781  
Benson, Boyd Utilities/Development Division Manager 425-806-6789  
Carter, Roger Senior Construction Inspector 425-806-6780  
Chancellor, Peter Surface Water Inspector 425-806-6793  
Copeland, Allyx Capital Project Engineer 425-419-3779  
Cox, Christi (she/her) Surface Water Program Coordinator 425-806-6790  
Fann, Al Sustainability Assistant 425-806-6768  
Freist, Lauren Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6825  
Fry, Jennifer Administrative Services Manager 425-806-6844  
Geer, Janet Surface Water Supervising Engineer 425-806-6796  
Goong, Sherman Transportation Planner 425-806-6774  
Holbrook, Rob Surface Water Engineer 425-806-6775  
Hu, Rita Senior Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6828  
Jorna, Johan Development Review Engineer 425-806-6822  
Kennedy, Briana Code Compliance Officer- Public Works 425-806-6782  
Khan, Wasim Development Review Transportation Engineer 425-806-6773  
Leonhart, Erin Public Works Director 425-806-6810  
Lopez, Oscar Surface Water Program Coordinator - IDDE 425-806-6791  
Mahmoud, Jamal Transportation Operations Engineer 425-806-6772  
McCadden, Robert Capital Project Engineer 425-471-9300  
Morikawa, Steve Deputy Public Works Director / City Engineer 425-806-6820  
Ogard, Cameron Engineering Technician 425-806-6787  
O'Neill, Brenda Capital Projects Engineer 425-806-6831  
Pearson, Peter Development Review Engineer 425-806-6786  
Roberts, Ryan Supervising Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6823  
Royal, Amanda Surface Water Program Coordinator - Water Quality 425-806-6792  
Russell, Keith Senior Capital Projects Construction Inspector 425-806-6779  
Rybacki, Gunnar Senior Surface Water Inspector 425-806-6794  
Program Coordinator, Surface Water Education & Outreach    
Tirhi, Raid Transportation Supervisor 425-806-6816  
Torrie, Jason Supervising Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6832  
VanCitters, David Senior Construction Inspector 425-806-6777  
Warnock, Emily Sustainability and Engagement Coordinator 425-471-0571  
Whitford, Dan Senior Construction Inspector    
Zhu, Yongqing Senior Capital Project Engineer 425-806-6830  

Bothell Operations Center 

21233 20th Ave SE
Bothell, WA 98021


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Baltzell, Matt Lead Maintenance Worker - Streets Division 425-806-6863  
Brandenburg, Jaclynn Deputy Public Works Director, Operations 425-806-6852  
Ellersick, David Lead Building Maintenance Specialist 425-806-6860  
Holte, Chad Operations Manager - Street 425-806-6844  
Lundblade, Cindie Administrative Assistant 425-806-6844  
Parks, Brian Operations Manager - Storm 425-806-6854  
Peck, Dave Public Works Maintenance Specialist 425-488-0118  
Peddy, Dan Operations Manager - Water/Sewer 425-488-0118  
Samuelson, Virginia Lead Administrative Assistant 425-806-6845  
Smith, Matt Interim Operations Manager - Water/Sewer 425-806-6839  
Sperry, Jeff Fleet & Facilities Manager 425-806-6856  
Vanhulle, Steve Lead Maintenance Worker - Storm Division 425-806-6837  

Utility Billing 

18415 101st Ave. NE
Bothell, WA 98011

18415 - 101st Ave. NE
Bothell, WA 98011



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
McDermott, Kassie Utility Billing Program Specialist 425-806-6890  
Suckut, Jennifer Utility Billing Program Specialist - Lead 425-806-6889  

24/7 Spill Hotline 

Bothell, WA 98011


Link: Learn how and what to report.

Please call us right away if you see a spill. We need to try to contain it before it reaches any storm drains or local streams.